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ORGANIC Cinnamon almond spice oil

Cinnamon almond spice oil
EU Bio
  • with a sweet cinnamon note
  • based on freshly ground almond oil
  • high content of monounsaturated fatty acids
  • for refining smoothies, drinks and desserts
  • for rice pudding and pastries
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Cinnamon almond spice oil 100 ml
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100 ml
89,00 € / 1 l
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Cinnamon spice oilPhoto: Dana Lohmüller

Our cinnamon almond seasoning oil is a fine composition of sweet cinnamon with freshly milled cold-pressed almond oil. It enhances smoothies and "golden milk", refines rice pudding and muesli and adds an authentic cinnamon note to desserts, ice cream and whipped cream.

Origin and history of cinnamon

Cinnamon is considered one of the oldest spices and has been used for thousands of years in China and India. From the 16th to the 18th century, cinnamon was considered a particularly precious and expensive spice in Europe and was used to demonstrate wealth. Today, it is impossible to imagine the autumn and winter season without this sweet spice, which combines perfectly with other sweet spices and flavors such as vanilla and cloves.

Almond oil as a valuable base

The almond tree's botanical name is Prunus dulcis Rosaceae. At Ölmühle Solling, organic almond oil is obtained from the ripe fruit of the almond tree by cold pressing. Almond trees prefer the climate in warm, temperate zones such as Spain or Sicily, where the almonds for our almond oil come from. The almond is an elongated stone fruit with a rough, leathery skin. A distinction is made between sweet and bitter almonds. However, only sweet almonds are pressed to produce the edible oil. Almond kernels contain around 60 g of oil per 100 g. Pure almond oil has a pale yellow color and a mild almond taste and aroma, making it ideal as a mild base for our cinnamon seasoning oil. The valuable oil is rich in ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid.

Our cinnamon almond seasoning oil is ideal for drinks and smoothies, for seasoning, baking and desserts. It is a classic accompaniment to rice pudding and semolina porridge. Store in a cool, dark place and consume quickly after opening.


Recommended dosage: Our cinnamon almond seasoning oil is a seasoning and should be dosed with a maximum of 1 %.


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from Christine Rühle at 30.05.2021
Für die goldene Milch oder Süßspeisen sehr gut. Minuspunkt: der Verschluss konnte anfangs nicht geöffnet werden und als die Öffnung dann doch erfolgte, war ein Verschluss nicht mehr möglich. Daher nur 4 Sterne.
from Angela Lichtenstein at 19.07.2023
Das Zimt-Mandel Würzöl begleitet mein Porridge sehr gut, es hätte aber eine Spur intensiver nach Zimt schmecken können.
from Charlotte Eberl at 29.12.2021
Könnte etwas zimtiger sein, das ist ja aber Geschmackssache. Es kommt in mein Porridge und Keksteig.
from Anita Wolz at 24.09.2020
Der Zimtgeschmack könnte intensiver sein. Kann aber an meinem Geschmacksinn liegen.
from Bettina Orth at 25.03.2020
zusätzlich mit etwas Zimt/Zucker auf dem Milchreis mögen auch die Kinder
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