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ORGANIC Horseradish spice oil

Horseradish spice oil
EU Bio
Non EU agriculture
  • gently cold-pressed from unpeeled organic sesame seeds
  • refined with spicy horseradish extract
  • rich in unsaturated fatty acids
  • ideal for sushi, fish, dips and sauces
  • vegan, lactose- and gluten-free
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Horseradish spice oil 100 ml
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7,90 €*
100 ml
79,00 € / 1 l
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Our horseradish seasoning oil offers a tear-free alternative to wasabi paste. The cold-pressed sesame oil with real horseradish extract (Armoracia rusticana) can be spread more evenly than wasabi paste and creates a pleasantly harmonious spiciness on the palate.

It is ideal for dressing marinades for fish and meat as well as for sushi. Dressings, mayonnaises, vinaigrettes and even jams and mustard can also be spiced up drop by drop with horseradish seasoning oil.

Hot seasoning oil based on sesame oil

Virgin sesame oil is obtained from unroasted sesame seeds by cold pressing and has a particularly mild taste compared to oil from roasted seeds. The light yellow sesame oil is a pure, natural product with an above-average shelf life. Connoisseurs of Asian cuisine love and appreciate its distinctive, mild aroma and taste.


The seasoning oil provides a balanced horseradish spiciness in marinades for fish and meat. It can be added to sushi instead of wasabi paste. It also gives dressings, mayonnaises, salad vinaigrettes and even jams and mustard a special note and spiciness.

Horseradish seasoning oil contains essential horseradish oil (Armoracia rusticana) and can cause irritation to the mucous membranes in sensitive people. Keep away from children.


Crepe rolls with salmon

Crepe rolls with salmon

Recipe for crepe rolls with salmon, cream cheese and piquant horseradish spice oil. Refined with dill and our Crema del Borgo Aceto balsamic vinegar. zum Rezept
Peach chutney

Peach chutney

Quick recipe for delcious, piquant peach chutney with onions and cane sugar. Refined with our horseradish spice oil and Condimento Bianco vinegar. zum Rezept
Bagel with horseradish and smoked salmon

Bagel with horseradish and smoked salmon

Recipe for sesame bagels with smoked salmon, cream cheese spread with horseradish spice oil, figs and walnut kernels. zum Rezept

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from Gabriele Mathes at 18.09.2023
ich benutze es schon längere Zeit und bin immer wieder sehr begeistert. Es lässt sich wunderbar in pikanten etwas schärferen Salatsoßen, z. B. Chinakohlsalat, verwenden. Oder auch in Dips, die sehr gut zu Räucherfisch passen. Einen kleinen Tropfen in eine Fischsoße, alles wunderbar.
from Nicole Schuster at 14.08.2020
super zu roter Beete oder in Wurstsalat, schön pikant. Von Meerrettisch brauche ich oft nur eine kleine Menge - da bleibt von einer frischen Wurzel zu viel übrig und das Öl ist mir lieber als geschwefelter Meerrettich aus Glas oder Tube.
from Gabi Schwarzfischer at 24.01.2021
Leider habe ich dieses Öl noch nicht ausprobiert. Allerdings mit den Rezepten, die ich von der Homepage herunterkopiert habe ist es sicher leicht. Ich freue mich drauf, zu kochen! Ich weiß, die Firma Ölmühle steht für Qualität!
from Anke Schmidt at 15.02.2021
Man spürt den Meerrettich beim riechen in der Nase. Für diejenigen, die Meerrrettich mögen ein absolutes Highlight. Mein Favorit rote Beete Suppe mit Creme fraiche Meerrettichöl topping
from Dörte Lavrenz at 22.07.2021
Überraschend scharf. Man muß sehr vorsichtig dosieren. Dadurch wird das Öl sehr ergibig. Mir schmeckt es hervorragenden zu Fisch- Ruhig auch mal mit geräuchertem Fisch probieren...
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Specification and ingredients

Horseradish spice oil

Average energy and nutrient content for 100 g

3700 kJ / 900 kcal
100 g
14,2 g
39,1 g
46,7 g
0 g
    of which Sugars
0 g
0 g
0 g
0 g

Please enjoy our products as part of a diverse and balanced nutrition.

As a product of nature the composition of the oil can vary, the given specifications are therefore average values.


Sesame oil*, horseradish root oil*

*certified organic


9 - 12 months


Store in a cool and dark place.

Fatty acids diagram

saturated fatty acids
14,2 g
monounsaturated fatty acids
39,1 g
diunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-6)
45,7 g
triple unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3)
1 g

Botanical name: Sesamum indicum

The oilseed for our virgin sesame oil is grown in Central America and Asia.


The sesame seeds for our cold-pressed sesame oil come from controlled organic cultivation from Naturland producers certified according to BIO VO 834/2007 and VO 1235/2008.

New long-term studies (e.g. EPIC study 2008) suggest a reduction in carbohydrate intake to 30-40% and an increase in the proportion of fat in the diet to 30-40% of the daily calorie intake. After much hesitation, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) has now also endorsed this dietary recommendation. More saturated fats and high-quality vegetable oils not only bring more taste and enjoyment to food, but also more satisfaction and therefore a better chance of implementing any necessary dietary changes in the long term. In the current fat guideline for a healthy diet, the DGE confirms for the first time that there is no evidence that eating more fat and oil increases the cardiovascular risk.

Conclusion: More fat and oil can be consumed, but the composition of the oils is of particular importance. Monounsaturated fatty acids and a favorable ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids should be taken into account.

Read more about this in the recently published book: "MEHR FETT" by Ulrike Gonder and Dr. Nicolai Wurm (recommended in the Books section).

Literature references

Krist, Sabine, Buchbauer, Gerhard, Klausberger, Carina: Lexikon der pflanzlichen Fette und Öle. 1st edition. Vienna: Springer-Verlag: 2008.

DACH (DGE, ÖGE, SGE, SVE) (ed.): Reference values for nutrient intake. 1st edition. Frankfurt am Main: Umschau/Braus: 2001.


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