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ORGANIC Principe di Gerace Chili Sauce

Black Olive Paté

Principe di Gerace Chili Sauce
EU Bio
  • spicy chilli sauce
  • fiery paste with bread and baguette
  • vegan spread
  • refines hot and cold dishes
4,83 of 5 stars
from 30 ratings
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140 g
49,29 € / 1 kg
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The characteristic taste of chilies comes from the capsaicin they contain.

This vegan chilli sauce from Calabria is lovingly made from organically grown Italian chillies. It is made without artificial additives and contains only the finest ingredients: Casalino chillies from Calabria, extra virgin olive oil and salt. The natural flavour of fresh chillies harmonises with both hot and cold dishes. The spicy paste is ideal for savoury snacks, as a Mediterranean spread and for seasoning pasta.

Subtle heat from capsaicin

The characteristic heat of chillies comes from the substance capsaicin. The heat varies from chilli to chilli, from mild varieties such as paprika to extremely hot varieties such as the Carolina Reaper, one of the hottest chillies in the world. Capsaicin causes a burning sensation on the tongue and releases serotonin. This is why chillies are said to make you happy.

Contains extra virgin olive oil

Principe di Gerace Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the pride of the production of the Italian company Mediterranea Foods. It is an exclusive product that comes from the centuries-old cultivation of the family business. Sun-ripened olives are gently cold centrifuged in the traditional way to produce this precious extra virgin olive oil.

A passionate Italian family business

Our partner Mediterranea Foods is an Italian family business from Calabria with over 30 years experience in the world of organic farming. It is now in its third generation. The high quality of its products is the result of a harmonious combination of different factors: from the particularities of the territory to the love of the land and the tradition passed on by the Anastasi family for three generations. The company's other products include green olive paste, black olive paste and artichoke cream.


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from Vivien Reinhardt-Schmidt at 12.12.2023
Eine tolle Auswahl an Ölen und der Geschmack is 1A! Ich werde wieder bestellen und mit durchprobieren! Das Chili hab ich noch nicht probiert!
from Violet Carter at 16.03.2024
Ich kann dieses Produkt weiterempfehlen. Es gibt dem Essen, dem ich es hinzufüge, eine pikante Note.🎶
from Wolfgang Güttgemanns at 22.05.2024
Diese Paste gibt jedem Gericht ordentlich Pepp und ist vom Geschmack sehr angenehm.
from Andrea Jahn at 28.02.2024
pikante Schärfe, unverfälschter Chili-Geschmack, sehr lecker auf Pizza
from Ingrid Wittkau at 15.07.2024
Von dieser Chilisauce kann man nur wenig nehmen. Sie ist sehr scharf.
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