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BIO French cuisine selection

French cuisine selection
EU Bio
  • noble trio of three spice oils
  • ideal for French dishes
  • gift idea for gourmets
  • for seasoning cold and warm dishes
  • vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free
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14,50 €*
3 x 100 ml
48,33 € / 1 l
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Our French cuisine selection consists of three 100 ml bottles of our spice oils: Mediterranean, Herbes de Provence and herb garlic spice oil wrapped in a handy gift box.

Our Mediterranean spice oil consists of a spice blend of paprika, oregano, pepper, basil, coriander, rosemary, mustard seeds, thyme, onions and marjoram in cold-pressed canola oil. It is ideal for all Mediterranean dishes like pizza, paella, meat, fish or soups and creates the authentic flavour of Mediterranean herbs in an instant.

Our Herbes de Provence spice oil is a combination of freshly harvested herbs like thyme, chervil, rosemary and majoram (no lavender) with our virgin canola oil. The spices and herbs add the aromatic taste of traditional cuisine from the South of France to any dish. It refines salads and vegetable dishes, fried potatoes and tomato dishes, meat, fish or cheese as well as dips, soups or sauces. Drizzled over baguette, it makes a simple yet delicious starter or snack. The oil emits the fragrant scent of Provence - a natural enjoyment for all Mediterranean dishes.

Our herb garlic spice oil is an exquisite mix of pepper, fresh rosemary, caraway, mustard seeds, bay leaves, juniper berries and a clove of garlic. The harmonious blend of cold-pressed canola, safflower and sunflower seed oil serves as basis for the aromatic oil. It can be heated moderately in the pan and turns warm and cold dishes into culinary highlights. Goes well with savoury salads, meat or fish marinades, soups, sauces or with baguette.


Syrian cucumber salad

Syrian cucumber salad

Cucumber salad with three of our precious spice oils. Yogurt neutralises the pungency of the chili oil for a pleasant spiciness. zum Rezept
Zucchini rolls

Zucchini rolls

Recipe for zucchini rolls with dried tomatoes, feta cheese and spice oil marinade. Garnished with fresh basil. zum Rezept
Tomato carpaccio

Tomato carpaccio

Recipe for tomato carpaccio with black olives and aromatic dressing. Refined with fresh herbs and our Herbes de Provence and basil spice oil. zum Rezept

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Specification and ingredients

French cuisine selection


Herb-garlic spice oil (Rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*, thistle oil*, rosemary*, bay leaves*, juniper berries*, mustard*, pepper*, caraway*, garlic*)
Mediterranean oil (Rapeseed oil*, paprika*, oregano*, pepper*, basil*, coriander*, rosemary*, mustard seeds*, thyme*, onions*, marjoram*)
Herbes de provence (Rapeseed oil*, thyme*, marjoram*, tarragon*, chervil*)

*certified organic


Store in a cool and dark place.

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