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BIO Vinegar minis

Vinegar minis
EU Bio
  • set with five popular vinegars
  • ideal gift for gourmets
  • with sweet and acidic vinegars
  • perfect in combination with oils
  • from controlled organic ingredients
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13,90 €*
5 x 20 ml
139,00 € / 1 l
*incl. 7 % tax plus shipping

This set combines five of our delicious vinegar specialities in 20 ml mini bottles:

Our Crema del Borgo is a sweet balsamic vinegar with a creamy texture. It is made from freshly pressed grape juice of Pinot noir grapes in the tradition of an authentic Aceto Tradizionale. The fresh must of Pinot noir grapes is fermented in two steps - first, to red wine and then to vinegar. Carefully reduced grape must from the same grape variety is added to the new vinegar, which leads to its particularly mild flavour. Afterwards, it is stored in small oak barrels for two months before the balanced balsamic vinegar can be bottled.

Our organic elderflower balsamic vinegar is a mild vinegar with the fine, fruity aroma of elderflower. The balsamic vinegar is manufactured through the natural fermentation of elderflower syrup. Organic Riesling vinegar and a hint of lemon refine its taste.

Fruity fresh with a mild citrus aroma: Our apple orange balsamic vinegar is a gently produced unfiltered apple vinegar which ages in oak wood barrels with aromatic orange zest. The balsamic vinegar is ideal for daily cooking and goes well with mixed salads, dips or light sauces.

Our Condimento Bianco from fresh organic white wine is produced in the style of an authentic Aceto Tradizionale. It has a smooth sweet taste and a mild acidity. This vinegar speciality is made from high-quality, organic white wines - an essential for every gourmet.

Freshly picked raspberries from organic cultivation create the fine and fruity aroma of our raspberry vinegar. This exquisite vinegar specialty is made from pure premium juice of raspberries. Ideal for dips, vinaigrettes for mixed salads or for refining sauces.


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from Marc Menzel at 31.10.2021
Die Sauren Renner fanden wir nicht besonders lecker.
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