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ORGANIC Truffle olive spice oil

Truffle olive spice oil
EU Bio
  • unmistakable taste of white truffles
  • with organic extra virgin olive oil from Italy
  • ideal for pasta and risotto
  • pure with bread as a starter
  • for cold and warm Mediterranean dishes
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Truffle olive spice oil 100 ml
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100 ml
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This truffle oil is a balanced composition of organically produced extra virgin olive oil from Italy with the unmistakable organic aroma of white truffles. The rare white truffles of the "tuber magnatum pico" variety from the Calabria region are a true delicatessen specialty for gourmets and connoisseurs. This type of truffle is very aromatic and is often used to flavor olive oil.

Organic extra virgin olive oil as a base

Olives on the bush

The organic olive oil also comes from this region in Calabria. Sun-ripened olives from controlled organic cultivation are centrifuged in the traditional way to create the basis for our truffle oil. The high-quality olive oil has a fruity taste. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.

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Truffle oil in hot and cold dishes

Spaghetti with truffle oilTruffle oil harmonizes particularly well with warm pasta.

Our olive oil-based truffle oil is very versatile. It is suitable for Mediterranean (especially Italian) dishes. Drizzled on white bread, truffle oil is a delicious starter. It also goes well with salads, pasta, sauces, carpaccio, risotto, meat and fish dishes.

Mushroom salads and creamy soups are given a sophisticated touch with truffle oil based on olive oil. Our insider tip: try a few drops of truffle oil over mashed celeriac and potatoes. Truffle oil also tastes very good with scrambled eggs or on hard-boiled eggs.

Our truffle oil goes particularly well with warm dishes, where it unfolds its full aroma, for example with warm pasta or freshly prepared risotto. However, it should not be used for frying, as the fine truffle aromas can be lost if the heat is too high. In general, olive oil is suitable for short frying, but should not be exposed to temperatures above 160 degrees. You can find out more about frying with olive oil here.


The truffle oil refines fine pasta dishes and risottos. It goes perfectly with meat and fish dishes, soups and salads with mushrooms and is also ideal as an appetizer with bread.



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from birgit roehr at 12.08.2020
Das Trüffelöl schmeckt für sich schon interessant. Letztendlich muss ich es noch mehr testen.
from Jacqueline Zipfel at 11.05.2020
geschmacklich gut aber nicht intensiv genug, dafür sehr teuer, habe mir mehr versprochen
from Heidemarie Giesecke at 24.05.2020
Den Geschmack bei dem Trüffelöl hatte ich mir irgendwie anders vorgestellt.
from Ingrid Meisinger at 14.01.2020
Immer wieder. Das beste Trüffelöl, hab schon etliche probiert
from Marion Szillus at 10.09.2019
Wir haben blind gekostet und alle Öle sofort erkannt. Und nicht nur das, sie haben wunderbar geschmeckt!
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